Sunday, September 8, 2013

Resources for the Instructional Designer

I am back on my quest to obtain credentials certifying my skills as an instructional designer. I started this blog about two years ago as part of an assignment and now I will be ‘resurrecting’ my blog, for awhile, to continue my quest. The assignment for week one - identify blogs that will serve as a resource in the instructional design field.

IconLogic’s Blog, ‘I Came, I Saw, I Learned’ ( ) is a blog I receive weekly email updates offering tips regarding various Adobe applications. I recently attended an online training session for Adobe Captivate to refresh my skills on the application. I find that the weekly updates from the author of this blog offers information and tips to help reinforce what I learned about the improvements and upgrades in Captivate 6. The author also provides a wealth about other Adobe applications as well.

The Rapid E-Learning Blog is part of the Articulate Network. This blog offers a variety of resources, tips and tools for Articulate applications. As I began my work as a consultant on various assignments I found that Articulate is an authoring tool that some learning organizations are beginning to use more than Adobe Captivate. This blog provides users with quick access to application resources.

The Training Magazine blog is a collection of articles related to the various aspects in the training arena. The collection of articles offers insight into a variety of areas that can aid instructional designers in staying informed with how other learning organizations are approaching the design and delivery of training to their employees.

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